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Our focus is to become an integral part of your team implementing strategic planning to resolve crime and solve complex cases. We bring expertise in latent print analysis and crime scene investigations within international and domestic law enforcement and military agencies.

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"...thank you for your efforts as part of the DIA Technical Collection and Exploitation Team that supported United States Forces..."
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August 2-8, 2015

100TH IAI Educational Conference

Sacramento, CA

August 7, 2015

IAI Centennial Celebration

Sacramento, CA


Carla Newman is an International Association for Identification Certified Latent Print Examiner with thirty years of experience collecting, processing, and analyzing physical evidence. The International Association for Identification is the world’s oldest and largest forensic identification organization with 1033 certified examiners throughout the world. Carla gained her experience while working for the Sacramento Police Department and as a contractor supporting the Department of Defense. She is a forensic scientist with extensive experience from the crime scene to the courtroom. Carla has testified as an expert witness in over 350 court cases.
Curriculum Vitae
Davis Letter of Reccomendation - Norgaard Letter of Reccomendation - Meritorious Citation - Distinguished Service Award

Why Hire an Expert?

The expert witness performs two vital functions: 1) the scientific function - Collecting, evaluating, analyzing, and forming an opinion as to the evidence; and 2) the forensic function - communicating the results of the scientific process, the expert’s opinion, and its basis to the judge and jury.

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