Newman Forensics provides expertise in the field of latent print analysis, latent print processing, and crime scene investigations. With over 30 years of experience in forensic science and research, Newman Forensics has thorough knowledge of Latent Print Examinations following the American Academy of Crime Laboratory Directors (ASCLD) and the International Association for Standardization ISO 17025 guidelines.

Compare latent prints with known inked prints.
Search latent prints in your Automated Fingerprint System (IAFIS).
Verify latent and inked fingerprint opinions.

Process porous and nonporous items for latent prints using the appropriate photographic, chemical, and physical techniques.
Photograph and collect any physical evidence requested for analysis.

Collection of record (or known) friction ridge standards for identification or comparison purposes using appropriate techniques: printer‘s ink, powder, Microsil/Acutrans, and/or photography.

Document evidence prior to processing using appropriate photography or videotaping techniques.

Reconstruct accident or crime scenes to aid in an investigation, or for court purposes.

Will provide case review, deposition, and trial litigation support to your team.

Will review cases for accuracy and to ensure that all standard operating procedures are followed.
Will review cases to determine if proper sequential processing was completed and that scientific methodology was used.
Will review cold case homicides and missing person reports for inconsistencies, errors, and make alternative or additional processing recommendations.

Will help design process improvement strategies customized for your agency which will assist in reducing outstanding casework, streamlining processes, and improving turnaround time.

Custom Training in house or off site including Crime Scene Investigation, Sensitive Site Exploitation, Latent Fingerprint Comparison, Fingerprint Collection, Evidence Processing, and Courtroom Testimony.

Why Hire an Expert?

"I consider Ms. Murray to be one of the best Latent Technicians with whom I have worked, both in terms of the quality of her work, as well as her testimony presentation. Her demeanor on the witness stand is that of a professional and her testimony articulate. – R.N., Deputy District Attorney, County of Sacramento, State of California.

Carla Newman has earned the reputation as an expert in the field of latent lifting and latent comparison as a Latent Technician expert witness in jury trials.

She understands the two vital functions of an expert witness: the scientific function to collect, evaluate, analyze and form an opinion of the evidence; and the forensic function to communicate results of her opinion of the scientific process and its basis to the judge and jury.

Carla has testified over 350 times in juvenile, municipal, superior and federal courts and is a recognized forensic expert in latent print analysis and crime scene investigations within international and domestic law enforcement and military agencies.

Expert Witness Testimony

Crime Scene Investigation and Reconstruction
Latent Print Analysis
Fingerprint Identification
Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems
Policies, Procedures, and Standard Operating Procedures


In the News

July 10, 2015

OPM hack's unprecedented haul: 1.1 million fingerprints

The hackers who stole millions of federal personnel files also took 1.1 million fingerprints, a theft that poses an unprecedented danger.

May 08, 2015

Fingerprints give away more than identity

Method detects tiny specks of cocaine, other illegal drugs stuck in whorls


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