The scientific examination of evidence for latent fingerprints, palm prints, and foot prints

Process evidence, provide notes, and reports stating results

The comparison of latent prints to known inked prints

Crime Scene Analysis and Reconstruction

Forensic photography and videography

Expert witness testimony

Over thirty years of experience with trial preparation and court testimony

Case review of evidence processed by law enforcement including cold case homicides and unresolved missing person cases

Training: Crime Scene Investigation, Latent Processing Techniques, Latent Print Comparison, Inked Fingerprint Collection, and Sensitive Site Exploitation. Courses tailored to fit your organization’s needs

Backlog reduction and process improvement strategies

Expert testimony

Available for court testimony and depositions in county, state, federal, and military courts

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In the News

July 10, 2015

OPM hack's unprecedented haul: 1.1 million fingerprints

The hackers who stole millions of federal personnel files also took 1.1 million fingerprints, a theft that poses an unprecedented danger.

May 08, 2015

Fingerprints give away more than identity

Method detects tiny specks of cocaine, other illegal drugs stuck in whorls


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